PVDV has several types of membership:

Membership Contribution fee 2024 (EURO)
youth membership including club championships and competitions           
youth 5 -7 years  62
youth  8 - 13 years 133
youth  14-17 years 143
family discount youth 1 parent member, per member: -/- 20
family discount youth 2 parent member, per member: -/- 30
day membership monday to sunday until 18h 153
full membership 229
dormant members (not entitled to play) 56
cancellation after december  25
registration fee for waiting list 25
contribution ladder competition 10
deposit club services (per year) 60


Day members are eligible to play Monday through Sunday until 6:00 pm. Day members cannot participate in evening activities with the exception of club championships and lessons.

Dormant members are not eligible to play. This form of membership is intended for pregnant women and injured members (this must be declared to the membership administration before January 1 and may last up to one year). Dormant members receive the newsletter and remain registered with the KNLTB. They can re-enroll as full members at any time during the year and pay additional dues.

Membership in PVDV lasts until the end of a calendar year and is tacitly renewed annually, unless written notice of termination (preferably by e-mail) is given to the Membership Administration no later than December 1 of the current year. As of January 1, your membership is renewed and you owe the full dues amount for that year.

Membership is pro-rated if you join during the year.

Register with PVDV: click here

In the application, choose the desired membership [youth, senior, etc].
When registering youth members, parents should indicate in "comments" that they agree to the registration.

Unfortunately, the registration form is only available in Dutch. Do you have any questions about this? Please contact the membership administration: [email protected]



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